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40                                DEATH  OF   SdBAJ MALL,  1764   A.D.
semblance of a Court at Allahabad ; and, at Delhi, his son" Mirza Jawan Baktit
was placed In nominal charge of the Government under the active protectorate
of the BoMlkj Xajib-ud-daula. With this administrator of imperial power,
Siiraj Mall, emboldened by past success, now essayed to try his strength. He
put forth a claim to the Fatrjdarship of Farrnkh-nagar ; and when the envoy,
sent from Delhi to confer with him on the subject, demurred to the transfer, he
dismissed him most unceremoniously and at once advanced with an army to
Shahdara on the Hindan, only six miles from the capital. Here? in bravado,
he was amusing himself in the chase, accompanied by only his personal retinue,
when he was surprised by a flying squadron of the enemy and put to death,
His army coming leisurely up behind, under the command of his son Jawahir
Sinn, was charged by the Mughals, bearing the head of Siiraj Mall on a horse-
man's lance a# their standard, the -first indication to the son of his father's
death. The shock was too much for the Juts, who were put to flight, but still
continued for three months hovering about Delhi in concert with Holkar*
Thi-s was in 1764.*
In spite of this temporary discomfiture, the Jats were now at the zenith
of their power ; and Jawahir had not been a year on the throne when he re-
solved to provoke a quarrel with the Kaja of Jaypur. Accordingly, without
any previous intimation, he marched his troops through Jaypur territory
with the ostensible design of visiting the holy lake of Pushkara. There his
vanity was gratified by the sovereign of Marwar, Eaja Bijay Sinh, who met
him on terms of brotherly equality; but he received warning from Jaypur
that if he passed through Amber territory on his return, it would be considered
a hostile aggression. As this was no more than he expected, he paid no regard
to the caution. A desperate conflict ensued on his homeward route (1765
AJX), which resulted in the victory of the Kachhwahas, but a victory accom-
panied with the death of almost every chieftain of note. Soon after, Jawahir
Sinh was murdered at Agra, at the instigation, as is supposed, of the Jaypur
Siiraj Mall had left five sons, vizt) Jaw&hir Sinhj Katn Sinh, Naval Sinh,
and Baiijit Sinh^ and also an adopted son, Hardeva Bakhsh, whom he is said
to have picked up in the woods one day when hunting. On the death of
Jawahir, fiata succeeded, "buthis rule was of very short duration. A pretended
 A magnlfteen* cenotaph iras erected by Jawikir Sinh in honour of his lather oa the mar*
gin f tiie Kiwaia Stxamr, BR artificial lake a short distance from Gob&rdhan, and will be de&-
tnbed w wuecHon vith~tht town.